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Why Choose Iberican Language Services?

Iberican Language Services, Inc., prides itself in providing highly experienced, educated, certified and quality interpreters whose passion is their profession. In addition to the biculturalism in their respective language pairs, most interpreters have at least a Bachelor’s degree, many a Master’s degree and some a PhD. Interpreters take their work extremely seriously and understand the complexities, nuances, responsibility, and sensitivities the profession carries with it. We provide interpreters for Worker’s Compensation, Civil, Labor, Family, Criminal, Community Meetings, Business or Education Conferences and others. We are located in the heart of Orange County, California and serve clients all over Southern California, keeping profits and work locally.

We Are Certified

Our interpreters are Federal, State, Medical, and Administrative certified and our translators are ATA certified to provide the most accurate language services.


We Are Experienced

Iberican Languages Services, Inc. offers over 15 years experience in interpretation and translation.  Our one and only job is to make sure we are an invisible communication bridge and you are understood accurately regardless of the receiver’s language.


We Are Professionals

we understand how imperative accuracy is to a successful outcome. We are accurate, reliable, and professional.


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As your partner, we’ll make your job stellar by having an interpreter whose work will ensure accuracy, quality and professionalism.

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